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Sign up on our website and contact our Sales. Discuss with your personal sales representative all details of the vehicles/goods you want to buy. Pay your Deposit which will start the process of searching and buying vehicles/goods for you.
IMPORTANT! Please make sure you send the money to our Japanese Bank account or our PayPal account!
Contact our bidding team, get direct access to auctions and stocks, with their help. Find and choose your order and consent to its purchase from supplier. Get a confirmation of purchase of your vehicle and the invoice for payment. Pay the cost of the car without a prepaid deposit.
Contact our logistics team, provide all needed information: ship date, delivery terms and other conditions of transportation. Get shipping documents and operational information on the progress of your car on the way to your destination.
Meet the vehicles at your port and complete all needed import procedures. Write us a feedback with your opinion about our service and your new vehicle. Do not forget to share some photos & videos of the vehicle.