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Terms and Conditions

Respect Motors Co.LTD operates in accordance with the following terms of use.

By using our service, you confirm that you agree to these terms.


Respect Motors Co.LTD (shown here as Exporter) and you (shown here as Importer) agreed on:

Exporter is responsible to make export procedure of cars/goods by Importer's order. Export procedure includes advising, translations, purchasing, documents preparation and shipping to destination provided by Importer.

Importer is responsible for on-time payment and import procedure of cars/goods by his order.


All payments must be transferred ONLY to Exporter's Bank account in Japan or to Exporter's PayPal account.

Basic currency of Importer's balance is Japanese Yen (JPY), payment in other currencies (such as USD, EUR, ect.) is possible, but will be converted into JPY when received.

Importer must prepay 150 000 JPY (shown here as Deposit) to receive full access to services provided by Exporter (auction access, translations, advicing, bidding, onepriced offers, etc).

150 000 JPY deposit allows Importer to place bids up to 3 000 000 JPY. If bidding price exceed 3 000 000 JPY, Importer must prepay 10% of bidding amount as deposit.

Exporter issues full value Invoice (minus deposit payment) after succesfull bid or Purchase confirmation from seller. Deposit can be kept for further purchase by Importer's request.

Importer obligated to pay full value Invoice within 3 bank days after invoice issuance.

Importer obligated to pay all port charges and import duties at his destination port.

Exporter has a right to withdraw late payment fee in case of payment delay. In case of 2 weeks or more payment delay – Exporter may treat this order as cancelled, and re-sell it withdrawing all charges from Importer's account.


After actual receipt confirmation of deposit from Exporter, auction bids chosen by Importer will be confirmed.

Exporter is responsible to provide full information and description of goods received from auction/seller, provide all needed consultations, for Importer to make a purchase decition.

Exporter is responsible to make a purchase only after Importer's written confirmation.

Exporter must inform Importer regarding succesfull bid or purchase confirmation from seller on the same day.

Exporter obligated to make legal export procedure of cars/goods ordered by Importer.


Purchased cars/goods can be shipped only after full payment.

Exporter arranges booking and transfer purchased cars/goods to shipping carrier. Exporter is not responsible for shipment carrier's delay, error, or nonperformance.

Exporter is obligated to inform Importer regarding shipment process up until ordered cars/goods are delivered to Importer's destination port.

Exporter is obligated to prepare and ship standart original document set (Invoice, export certificate with english translation, bill of lading) by registered express mail (such as DHL, Fedex, etc) not later then 1 week before sestimated shipment arrives. Additional documents can be provided by Importer's request.

Insurance is not included by default, but can be ordered by Importer's request for additional charge.

Exporter must ship ordered cars/goods within 90 days after payment receipt. If shipment cannot be provided after 90 days — Exporter is obligated to refund payment to Importer in full.


Order can be canceled anytime before succesfull bid or purchase confirmation from seller.

In case of cancelation of order after succesfull bid or purchase confirmation from seller, or delay in payment (more then 2 weeks) — Importer's order will be re-sold and Importer's deposit will be used to cover re-selling fees.

Cancelation of order after shipment is not possible.


Exporter does not withdraw any fees for keeping deposit.

Deposit is fully refundable BEFORE purchase happened. After succesfull bid or Purchase confirmation from seller — deposit includes in total order price and CANNOT be refunded.

All bank charges and currency convertion charges will be deducted from refund amount.

Refund can be transferred only to same destination where it was received from. Account name of refund must be the same as deposit sender.

Exporter must arrange refund transfer within 10 bank days after official Importer's request. Importer must provide correct bank details for transfer, all charges incurred to wrong bank information are on Importer's account.


Used cars/goods has no any guarantee for further using, and provided in condition “as is” based on photos and description provided by seller/auction. Exporter is not responsible for any hidden/obvious deffects for used cars/goods.

If Importer found heavy damage on his order which he was not informed in advance — Importer can claim compensation fee. Importer must provide following documentation within 5 working days after date of shipment arrival:
1) Digital good quality photos of goods at port of destination. If cars/goods was shipped in container — photos must be done before devanning.
2) Certified act from port, which confirms such damage on goods is really exist.
3) Certified inspection report with description of damage and the amount of loss.

After above documentation provided, Exporter must consider this claim to get maximum compensation from party that caused the damage, and reply to Importer within 10 working days.

Exporter is not responsible for Import regulations or Import regulations changes on Importer's side. Importer is responsible to check in advance all necessary regulations/rules/taxes/duties at his destination.


These terms are governed and adjudicable by only the laws and courts of Japan. Any contravening transaction is prohibited.


In case of force majeure, all obligations are postponed until the resolution of the problems of force majeure.