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Japanese car Auctions

Auction is the best and simple way to buy a car from Japan. Every day, thousands of cars go on sale at more than 100 auctions around Japan. There are several benefits of this deal, and the first of course is good price, because of the auction system it is possible to buy a car only by one step (usually 30-50 USD) more expensive than another buyer. Also we have statistic prices available, where you can see average selling price for interesting model. Second benefit is a big choice, there is 10-40 000 cars are playing on auctions every day except Sunday, and you have no limits on bidding. You can bid on 10, 20 or ever 100 cars every day up until we get one, main condition is that any of them you must be ready to get. Third big benefit is auction inspection. All auctions value its reputation and carefully inspect each lot usually on a scale of 0 to 5, more details about the evaluation you can see HERE. No pre-sale preparation is usually done, cars are selling “as it is”. Well, in conclusion, Japanese auctions are playing within 20-30 seconds, so you do not need to wait for weeks until the auction ends.

Are you interested in buying cars from auction? Contact us and we will find the best option for you: CONTACTS.